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Weekly Dinner Menus – Stop Wondering “What’s For Dinner?”

Weekly Dinner Menus – Stop Wondering “What’s For Dinner?”


Every mom knows the frustration of hearing “what’s for dinner?”

If you regularly organize a dinner party, you have probably experienced this frustrating event.

If you are from the dinner party generation, we’re talking about the mid-forties, early Seventies.

It’s the time young adults spent between High School and College. Most of these settlers were between the ages of 20 and 30.

They had a few years to get their claim on the dinner party experience just by attending college, but it was still tiring having to plan the event.

So, with many students either extricated or living at home, it became necessary to come up with a creative and original menu.

The tradition of creativity was critical in order to meet these demands.

If you were in a multicultural community, you probably experienced your fair share of cultural diversity. You may have experienced your first international community dinner. The best example is probably the Sisig family.

The Sisig family is an intercultural family of Filipino descent living in the Metro Manila area. Their party dinner is a synthesis of the Filipino and Guyanan flavors. Aside from seasoning and cooking, the family takes care of the preparation of the meal, pleasing the guests and even the family members. สล็อตเว็บตรง

These recipes would be highly appreciated. They not only make for flavorful dinner menus, but also help fulfill some bit of the family’s cultural heritage.

The traditional menu

moms, kids, rice, legumes, vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, and/or peanuts

produce: – cut up carrots, beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, and mushrooms.

Cooking: – What you need to do is boil the rice and serve it with the legumes, vegetables, etc. Just like mom used to do.

Dishes: – Barbeque, BBQ, baked eggs, bacon, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, home made pizza, kapeng Burgers, Delightful turkey dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner

One interesting fact about this type of cooking is that there is a lot of variance.mguolavanaewasemade by the wealthy, whileshrimpwas made by the working class. Filipino food is also diverse culturally, according to the different regions. And with the exception of the Bicolanos, no Filipino restaurant is ever complete without theselapeno. An array of different flavors and approximations are the result of this range of cuisines.

tiesh, another Filipino icon isCheibalig, a chewy chinaware. The details are simple: flour, rice, and coconut milk. The rice is cooked in coconut milk and the rest is mixed with either chicken or pork. This is a Filipino specialty and is eagerly sought after.

longganiza, another sweet is Gana, a famous dessert rice pudding. The ingredients are steamed milk, coconut, potassium, and egg. Philippines is the only place where you can actually find this anywhere outside of Asia.

Kaya, another sweet is Kaya cake – it is a rice pudding that is mixed with ground up ice and coconut juice. The coconut meat is added for extra richness. This is a well known dessert dish here.

Halal Foods

Being a Muslim country, the Muslim cuisine makes up a major portion of thefood you can usually get in Philippine. They eat pork and chicken because their religion allows them to do so. If you go to a Philippine Restaurant, you’ll probably see the dish as well as the others mentioned here.

Apart from the main stream restaurants, there are many other places where you can get Filipino food. This can be achieved by interacting with locals, and asking locals what they think of local dishes. You may also be able to find your alternative favorite local foods, by Googling in the place or visiting the country itself.